Other Interesting Links

Fiverr.com:  Listing of services that people will provide (from the useful to the bizarre) for $5

Google Earth: For when you have a little free time and want to see what is happening with your planet.  Download the latest version of the software for free

Kaboodle.com:  Need some whiskey stones or a gel covered computer mouse? - this is your site

Lumosity.com:  Games to exercise the brain.  Try the Memory Matrix game.  My current record is 12 tiles

Mentalfloss.com:  Website of one of my favorite magazines


 Photography Attributions

Many of the website banner photos were taken by Steve Cox.  However, the website also includes many beautiful photos that have been taken by very talented photographers who made them available online for sharing.  The names of the photos are visible when the mouse cursor is passed over the photo.

Attributions for some of these photos are as follows:  Manteo Harbor - PLCjr on flickr.com, Sunset at New Bern - kamoteus on flickr.com, NC Coast - bobistraveling at flickr.com, Hatteras Lighthouse 2 - jstrak at flickr.com, Blue Ridge Parkway 2 - sporadic at flickr.com.

Photos from FreeWebPhoto.com: Lake Boats, Colorful Clouds, Mountain Lake, Golf Course, Sunset Lake, Hay Bales, Old Tractor, Sheep, Autumn Trees, Swan Lake, Boats on Sea, Beach, Rocky Coastline, St. Michaels Mount, Seaside Village, Mountain Lake UK, UK Beach Huts, Beach at Dusk, Red Tulips, Beach Sunrise UK, Marina UK, Lighthouse in England, UK Countryside, Sunrise on the Water, Green Leaves, UK Hillside, Two on Horseback, Coastal Sunset